About Us

A Christian non-denominational fellowship birthed from the Charismatic Renewal of the 1970’s.

‘A People of His presence preparing a place for His glory’

Our History

John and Sue Curran founded Shekinah Church in 1973 following a time of personal revival. The church was founded to create a community where people would endeavor to live the commandments of Jesus in their everyday lives. The original question we asked ourselves, “Will you be made whole?” This commitment developed into a training center and Shekinah Bible Institute where many were equipped for ministry directed by their prayer lives. The work is 43 years old and has passed through many phases of emphases but the enduring message continues to be prayer and worship.

Our Vision

Our vision is informed by the various methods the Bible gives for becoming a habitation for God’s presence and plan on the earth. Our vision is to increase the number of people who know and love God, to increase thanksgiving, praise and worship of God. To accomplish this we teach God’s word as a way to become more like Jesus and focus ourselves outwardly to the community in service of others. The vision of outreach extends to the globe as stated in the Great Commission of Jesus.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of love for God and each other that will provide a place for people to feel at home. To nurture an atmosphere of revival in our region and around the globe, to reach out to the needs of people around us and in other cultures.

Our Ministries


Worship and Prayer

Worship Leadership Team

Special Events Drama

Noon Prayer Team

Church Wide Friday Night Prayer

SOZO Prayer Ministry

Youth and Children

Elevation Student Ministries

Kids With A Mission

Planet Glory Children’s Church

Nursery 0-3

Special Youth Events


Community Outreach

School Support Bank

Food Bank

Prison Ministry

Homeless Outreach



Global Outreach

IRIS Ministries

Jeff Collins Ministries

Mike and Kay Chance

Outreach to India

Our Senior Leadership

Sue Curran
Sue Curran
Senior and Founding Pastor
John Curran
John Curran
Senior Leader and Co-Founder
Jane Lambert
Jane Lambert
Senior Associate Pastor