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Welcome to Shekinah Church

Shekinah Church began in 1973 as five families met in Dr. Sue Curran’s home to have a Bible study. This Bible study grew into a community of believers who helped others enter into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. This was a time in church history when the Jesus Movement was in full swing and church were receiving more gifts of the Spirit.
Dr. Sue Curran is the founding and senior pastor of Shekinah Church today. The mission of the church to create a culture where the commandments of Jesus would be a reality in everyday life is an ongoing goal that is tweaked and taught in each new generation of people who come to build this dream.

Kent Christmas has been in full time ministry for over 35 years, traveling extensively across the United States and abroad. He has been a featured guest on the 700 Club many times, sharing prophetically the direction that God has given him for the church. Originally from the state of Washington, he pastored for many years, developing a love and deep compassion for God’s people and local church. In the late 1980’s he felt the lord leading him to full time evangelism, and began ministering in denominational and inter-denominational churches alike.

In addition to Kent Christmas, Pastor Sue Curran, and Olen Griffing will be sharing what they feel God is saying to the church at this time.

Tuesday, June 19th
7 PM Kent Christmas
Wednesday, June 20th
10 AM Kent Christmas 11 AM Sue Curran 7 PM Kent Christmas
Thursday, June 21st
10 AM Olen Griffing 11 AM Sue Curran 7 PM Olen Griffing

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